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June Newsletter

Dear Health Ministries Network Community,

Today, I must begin with a moment of awe and gratitude. First, awe. I am in awe of the generous love of our faith communities and our health ministries across Washington and Oregon. As I go to meetings and attend trainings to learn better how to enrich and support you and our larger community in their call to serve, I see just how many people are hurting, broken . . . seemingly forgotten.

That has never in my lifetime been more apparent than during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, through this time, faith communities have been and remain connecting, no matter what that connection looks like—online or in person, static or dynamic. And that connection goes well beyond bringing food or medicine, sending notes and cards or even taking someone to a vaccination appointment. That connection runs much deeper. It is love.

And as LeAna Osterman, FCN and HMN Board Member, reminded me just this morning, via an article she sent, “In healthcare . . . spirituality is considered the ‘part of [a] person that gives meaning and purpose to…life. Belief in a higher power that may inspire hope, seek resolution, and transcend physical and conscious constraints.’” (Spirituality and Nursing Care (medscape.com)

Indeed, it is the spiritual care that our faith community members and health ministries provide that bring the very best complementary medicine to our broken world: love.

I remain in awe and gratitude.

This month, as we continue to emerge from various forms of isolation, as we reconnect, may we continue to keep love at the center of our care and connection.

Indeed, we have many opportunities to connect. Join us for our:

  • Foundations Course graduation ceremony at 2pm on Saturday, June 12th (see link below).

  • HMN Monthly Meeting about changes to the POLST form, Friday, June 18th, 12pm.

  • FCL Meeting, “Continuing Conversations, Coming Together,” date/time TBD.

  • Training and Service Opportunities below!

And as we move through this month, we can keep our attention and prayers on the progression of pandemic and vaccination; Pride month and the health and well-being of our LGBTQIA+ community; and national safety month (which includes safety around the home and church, as well as trips and falls!).

Wishing you continued peace, health, and compassion in service. Take good care today!

Yours in awe and gratitude,

Sarah Lane

Executive Director


Joni, Kelly, Sylvia, Holly (and not pictured is Rebecca), nurses and Sarah (soon-to-be health minister), serving at the Kendall vaccination clinic in May. Thank you also to First Christian Church Disciples of Christ and all volunteers, who served this community well.

June Monthly Meeting - Friday 6/18, 12-1pm

Come and share in our monthly Zoom Meeting, all about Portable Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) updates. Hilary Walker of PeaceHealth and Kate Massey of Northwest Regional Council (NWRC) will go into detail and leave lots of room for questions about recent changes to the Washington POLST. Come and connect! Please bring questions and stories to share at the Zoom Meeting!

For questions or a Zoom link, contact director@healthministriesnetwork.net

You are Invited: HMN Foundations Course 2021 Graduation!

Thank you to our 2021 class for answering the call.

Our Foundations Course will be complete, and our students will graduate on June 12th, 2021, at 2pm via Zoom. And while it would be more fun to honor them in person, Zoom is a great option because our 5 students (4 FCNs and 1 HMN) come from very different locations around Washington and Oregon! We invite you to join us, welcome them and celebrate with your presence and your prayers.

Thank you to Carol Nicolay, Foundations Course Coordinator, and to Bill Lonneman, who is serving as Course Instructor for our Faith Community Nurses. Please hold these students, our instructors and our faith community in your prayers.

Here is the Zoom meeting information. Please join us!

Please contact Sarah Lane, director@healthministriesnetwork.net for a Zoom link or questions. Thanks!

Serving with Love: HMN Nurses & Faith Communities Serve East County on May 12th

Thank you to the faith community nurses and faith communities who served at the mobile vaccination clinic this past Wednesday out at Kendall Elementary School! You made this clinic not only possible, but safe and successful, vaccinating 33 people in eastern Whatcom County.

Thank you (left) to the outstanding volunteer team, who came from First Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, to set up and serve throughout, to include Pastors Tamalyn and Gary, who welcomed all those who came and went, offering donated masks upon entry and donated boxes of food upon exit (thanks to the County and NSACH for these supplies!). And thank YOU for your ongoing prayers for connection and safety, for healing of our communities and our world. Thank you, FCNs and HMs, who continue to serve at vaccination clinics and locally in your faith community. Thank you to faith community leaders for leading well and generously. Prayers today for your peace and renewal each day!

Recording Available: May Meeting with Mindfulness Northwest

Thank you to all who attended our monthly meeting in May! We experienced an hour of mindfulness learning and practices. We felt our feet on the earth or hips in a chair. We listened carefully to the sounds that rose up around us. And we spent a beautiful hour+ together, sharing and learning--and resting! If you missed the meeting or found these practices valuable, please consider going through the practices here in the video on your own, and see these additional resources and upcoming offerings from Mindfulness NW:

Continuing with Mindfulness

For practicing on your own or with a friend, the Practice section of the Mindfulness Northwest website contains a variety of recorded practices along with written instructions.

Many of our recordings are also on the handy Insight Timer app. (directions for finding our recordings are here).

For practicing with others in your community, there are suggestions in our Community section.

And for an accessible online weekly practice group, you might take a look at our Midday Mindfulness with Executive Director, Tim Burnett, every Wednesday, noon - 1 pm.

Learning More about Mindfulness

Please see our extensive and growing Learn website section with articles, videos, and current scientific findings on mindfulness. You might also check our schedule of upcoming events.

Our Newsletter

We publish a monthly newsletter with a substantial article on mindfulness and tips and resources for ongoing practice. When you registered for this event, your email was added to our newsletter list. You can opt out at any time. *** OR: You may join us HERE. ***

In the Spotlight:

Upcoming Workshops w/ topics covering: Intros to MBSR & MSC, Leadership, Nourish: Mindful Eating, Resilience & more Midday Mindful Movement - Mondays 12 - 1 pm Our 8-week MBSR & MSC Summer Courses beginning in June Our Entire Summer Schedule

For questions contact director@healthministriesnetwork.net

The Power of Connection: Register by 6/6

The Power of Connection: What Research on Adverse and Positive Childhood Experiences, Neurobiology, Resilience and Hope Sciences Tell Us Training presented by Kristi Slette, Rochelle Hollowell and Heather Jefferson.

Whatcom Family & Community Network (WFCN) hosts this FREE 4-hour interactive training across 2 days (Tuesday, June 8th from 6-8pm via Zoom and Thursday, June 10th 6-8pm via Zoom) on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) research and the power of Resilience and Hope to mitigate the effects of early trauma.

Experience during development whether nurturing or toxic affects the well-being of children and adults. Our health, relationships, self-regulation, and on-the-job and school performance link to our childhood exposure and responses to adversity. The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Study findings are one of the largest public health discoveries of our time. ACEs reliably predict population mental, physical and behavioral health and many social and environmental challenges. This training helps parents as well as professionals across human and social services, law enforcement, corrections, education, and health care understand child, adolescent and human behavior with a focus on developing resilience in community.

Mt. Baker Community Coalition is covering the cost of this training to make it free and available to members of the Mt. Baker community. While this is a no-cost training, registration is required so that we can give you access to the training.

Register here

Chuckanut Health Foundation - Trauma Stewardship Institute Workshop

If you haven't registered yet for our event with the Trauma Stewardship Institute, it's not too late! We hope you'll join us next week for a presentation from Laura van Dernoot Lipsky covering the impacts that overwhelm and trauma have on us and the strategies we can use to build sustainable wellbeing.

You can RSVP via the link below, and please feel free to share the link with any other members of your team who may be interested.

Chuckanut Health Foundation + Trauma Stewardship Institute Workshop

Friday, June 11th


Zoom details will be sent via RSVP

We hope to see you on the 11th! From all of us at the Chuckanut Health Foundation, thank you for helping to build a Whatcom County where every child gets a healthy start and every person receives the care they need throughout their lifetime.


Whatcom SHIBA: Medicare COVID-19 Scams & Fraud

This presentation looks at forms of Medicare and COVID-19-related scams both in Washington state and around the nation so you can protect yourself from becoming a victim.

We’ll review ways you can prevent, detect and report it to the right entity if you do run into suspicious activity.

Presented by Whatcom SHIBA program. Learn more at www.oppco.org/SHIBA