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Does a Tree Fall in the Woods if you Don't Report Hours and Number Served?

Does a Tree Fall in the Woods if you Don't Report Hours and Numbers Served?

Dear Faith Community Nurses and Health Ministers, Community Health Advocates and Community Health Workers in Health Ministries Network,

The community has expressed their support of all that we are doing. They see us out there, supporting our faith communities through health crises and in preventive healthcare; they appreciate the work we're doing through the Ask a Nurse program; and they look forward to seeing how we continue to sustain and grow!

This is an exciting time. However, as the saying goes: "If a tree falls in the woods, and no one hears it, does it really fall?" As this applies to our work, if we love our neighbors well, providing all kinds of good support, but we don't report our hours and the number we've touched, was the work really done?

Well, of course we have done the work! And while we want to walk in humility, we also have to let people, know what we're doing--or it may not seem real to the community.

Let's help others know us by providing the information they need to quantify the difference we're making.

Report your hours monthly or quarterly, using our easy SurveyMonkey survey. Click here.

But what if I want to record daily or weekly? To make it easier for you to track your hours and the number of people you support daily or weekly, I'm including an individual tracking sheet for you to print or download to your computer. Click here to download. You can also take a photo of your log and send it to me!

If you have questions or want to report hours today--or any day--please email Sarah Lane at

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