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Ask a Nurse Has Begun! You are Invited!

"Ask a Nurse" RNs, Rebecca Cavanaugh, Holly Telfer and Joni Hensley, serve on our first day at the East Whatcom Regional Resource Center (EWRRC)

What a day it was! On our first day of "Ask a Nurse" on Tuesday, September 14th, we met 60 people who came through the Foothills Food Bank line. Joni took blood pressures, and Holly and Rebecca answered a number of health-related questions. I also handed out about 15, 6-ride bus passes to people who expressed a need for transportation for services in Bellingham.

We began a conversation about “health needs” in the Mt. Baker Foothills, in which residents expressed needs for a number of services, some of which we will work to provide through this "Ask a Nurse" grant's provision for mobile medical services.

However, perhaps some of the best news from Tuesday is that we will get to see the folks who stopped by up to 23 more times in the next year, building relationship and community, giving us the opportunity to know and empower people. To strengthen mind, body and spirit and support health equity.

While we have several dedicated nurses who will participate as often as possible (and receive mileage reimbursement), we do need more folks to volunteer in upcoming months. While we are there from 8am-noon, alongside the Foothills Food Bank operations, our nurses, health ministers and community health advocates are welcome to join us for part of the time.

HMN Volunteers, please contact Sarah Lane at if you're interested in volunteering!



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