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Sister Organization Closes

We are sad to announce that after nearly 30 years of supporting health ministry in the pacific northwest, our Portland-based sister organization, Faith Community Nursing | Health Ministries Northwest (FCN | HMN), is closing at the end of December 2019.

Anneleah Jaxon, FCN | HMN executive director wrote that the organization had been "challenged financially for quite some time and found it more difficult each year to replace funding." In the end the board made the decision to dissolve as a non-profit 501c3 organization, passing on all remaining assets to Health Ministries Network, now the sole nonprofit focused on congregational health in Washington state.

While Health Ministries Network's funding and programs are specific to Whatcom and neighboring counties in Washington, we hope to be a resource for faith community nurses, health ministers, and coordinators across the pacific northwest.

All FCN | HMN subscribers will receive Health Ministries Network's newsletter, which includes interviews with faith community nurses and health ministers, health ministry news and resources, events local to northwest Washington state, and more. We also encourage folks to explore the tools available on our website, including resources for advance care planning, transitional care, and prospective faith community nurses & health ministers.

We are sad to have lost such a wonderful organization as FCN | HMN, and we know that the work of faith community nurses and health ministers will continue despite this setback.

Additional information for FCN | HMN faith community nurses, health ministers, and coordinators can be found below.

Active FCN | HMN Coordinators and Volunteers

Below are resources for active FCN | HMN coordinators and volunteers about foundations courses, the Henry Ford Macomb documentation system, regional contacts, and the spring conference.

Accessing Foundation Courses

Each of the following organizations host foundations courses and can be contacted as indicated.

Health Ministries Network

Bellingham, WA


Linn Benton College

Lebanon, OR

Deb Fell Carlson

Pacific Lutheran University

Tacoma, WA

Debbi Saint

Westberg Institute Courses, both online and in person, listed on the Westburg website:

Henry Ford Macomb Documentation System 

The FCN | HMN contract with the Henry Ford Macomb documentation system ends December 20, 2019. If you want to export any of your data and don’t plan on becoming an independent subscriber, your export must be done before December 20, 2019.

If you would like to continue using the system, you can subscribe as an independent user with a $ 99.00 annual fee. Please contact Web Services Specialist Madelyn Humbert at with questions.

Contact Database

The FCN | HMN contact database will be turned over to Health Ministries Network in Bellingham Washington on December 20, 2019. For questions about obtaining contact information for other FCNs & HMs in their community folks should email

Spring Conference

There is great value in keeping regional FCN | HMN groups together. In that spirit, Annette Stixrud and Carol Nicolay will be inviting coordinators to attend a special conference in the spring to look at ways to go forward.

Annette Stixrud

Carol Nicolay

Support our work!

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