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Jeanne Brotherton and Dotty Marston receive Carol Story Award

October 14, 2011

At their annual Fall Health and Humor Festival in Seattle, WA, the Northwest Parish Nurse Ministries (NPNM) gave their Carol Story Award to HMN Faith Community Nurses Jeanne Brotherton and Dotty Marston. Carol (below) was in attendance and smiled broadly as the Award was made.

The Carol Story Parish Nurse of the Year Award was established in honor of its namesake to recognize excellence in parish nursing. Carol was Executive director of the Puget Sound Health Ministry (PSHM) before its merger with NPNM in 2009, and was instrumental in training over 700 parish nurses in the Puget Sound region.

The Carol Story Award is given to a parish nurse who ...

  • is dedicated to parish nursing,

  • demonstrates a passion for parish nursing,

  • has successfully developed health ministry programs, and is

  • compassionate, creative and supportive working with people.

Jeanne (in photo, left) and Dotty (center) are active in their own faith communities and serve on the leadership team of the Health Ministries Network. Above, we see Dotty accepting her award from Dick Cathell, Director of HMN. The commendation which accompanies their award reads in part as follows.

"Jeanne Brotherton and Dotty Marston, have been instrumental in developing the Health Ministries Network, which expanded the Bellingham-region parish nurse program in the last two years from 67 to 111 parish nurses, and from 43 to 64 congregations. In addition, they have broadened the scope of the parish nurse to include the Transition Care Program, in which parish nurses make a hospital visit, then follow up with a post-discharge home visit, and two to three phone calls. This has helped the hospital to realize a savings from fewer readmissions, saving $45,000 in 2009.   

"They have also been key players in bringing together 20 community organizations to work cooperatively with the parish nurses, and facilitated their work with six hospital departments that provide direct services to the community.  

"They have created a well=received Health and Wellness Library for parish nurses and clergy within the hospital medical library and team teach the INPRC FCN course. They facilitated participation in this course by persuading three community foundations to help fund parish nursing education programs, reducing the cost for 32 hours of training from $425 to just $100."

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