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Health Ministries Network


Linking Faith Community Nurses & Health Ministers, congregations, and local resources, to nurture community health equity with spiritual well-being.

Follow Your Nursing Journey

Are you a registered nurse who wants to deepen your connection within your faith community? Consider becoming a

 faith community nurse.

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Care for Your Community

Do you enjoy caring for others and want to support your faith leader in caring ministries? Consider becoming a health minister.

Smiling person receiving the Foundation Course certificate.

Training Available

Our Foundations Course prepares state licensed RNs for faith community nurse ministry and other caring individuals for health minister service.

HMN Directory

Find a faith community nurse or health minister in our area.

Get to Know Us

HMN emphasizes mind, body,  and spirit holistic health while respecting the principles of faith held by those we serve.

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Three volunteer nurses at an Ask A Nurse clinic

Ask-a Nurse Clinics

Provide a warm, healthcare presence through our Ask a Nurse clinic at the East Whatcom Regional Resource Center.

Advance Care Planning

Find resources for incorporating advance care planning into your health ministry.

Transitional Care

Advocate for recently discharged hospital patients using the power of faith community nurses and health ministers.

Upcoming Events

  • HMN Retreat
    HMN Retreat
    August 2024
    Location is TBD
    August 2024
    Location is TBD
    August 2024
    Location is TBD
    HMN is having a retreat in August of 2024. Stay tuned for more details!



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Health Ministries Network is a nonprofit in Bellingham, Washington, affiliated with the Chuckanut Health Foundation.

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