Health Ministries Network (HMN) is an interfaith non-profit that initiates, develops and supports health ministry in northwest Washington. 


Faith communities and health systems work in partnership to deliver whole person health and wellness, linking mind, body and spirit.


To train and support faith community nurses (FCNs) and health ministers (HMs) to serve their congregations and community by promoting preventive health care, social justice and spiritual well-being.


The HMN philosophy emphasizes mind, body and spirit holistic health while respecting the principles of faith held by those we serve.

What is Health Ministry?

Health ministry is the work of faith community nurses (FCNs) and health ministers (HMs) as they assist and empower people in their congregation and community to take charge of their health, especially those with limited access to healthcare services, the elderly, families and children, and those with disabilities.


Health ministry is FCNs and HMs working in partnership with churches, hospitals, social service agencies and the community to create comprehensive health programs that target health needs within a faith or community group.​

These health ministries encompass all denominations, nationalities, races, creeds, lifestyles, color, gender and ages.

While there are instances where FCNs and HMs accept minimal stipends for their work, the vast majority of health ministry is done on a volunteer basis.

What are FCNs and HMs?

Faith community nurses (FCNs) and health ministers (HMs) are:

  • Health educators promoting wellness;

  • Health counselors advocating personal responsibility; 

  • Teachers and coordinators of volunteers; 

  • Referral agents and liaisons with community resources; 

  • Integrators of faith and health; 

  • Developers of support groups; and 

  • Health advocates.

What's the Difference between a FCN and a HM?

Faith community nurses (FCNs), also known as parish nurses (PNs), are professional, registered nurses with an active Washington State license who work in collaboration with pastoral staff to serve clients in their congregation and community. FCNs are recognized by the American Nurses Association as nursing care specialists with a particular focus on the intentional care of the spirit.

Health ministers (HMs), also known as congregational health promoters (CHPs), work in collaboration with FCNs and pastoral staff to serve clients in their congregation and community.​

What does Health Ministries Network do?
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We support the health ministries of FCNs and HMs with:

How can I get involved?
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Our congregations and communities need health ministry and we need you to help us move it forward. Maybe you or someone you know is interested in joining/starting a health ministry. Maybe you are a faith community leader whose congregation could benefit from a health ministry. Maybe you want to donate to health ministries network or join the Health Ministries Legacy Society by including  HMN in your will or end of life gift.


Above all, the most valuable contribution you can make is spreading the word. Share our mission to train and support faith community nurses and health ministers to serve their congregations and community by promoting preventive health care, social justice and spiritual well-being.